ANDRUM GROUP supports promising people, whose commitment to the goal is aligned with the company’s values. The main motto of the company: Ambition to start, passion to continue, courage to finish to the end! is perfectly reflected by the extreme sports branch, the triathlon, which also consists of three different races: to swim 3.8 km, to ride a bike 180 km, to run 42.2 km. For the second year, the ANDRUM GROUP flag is flowing at the triathlon racing “Iron Man”.


ANDRUM GROUP understands dynamism as the ambition of new, custom and rational solutions for customers and the company. One such innovative offer for future settlers is the flight on the company’s helicopter. This is not just a gift for customers, the team of ANDRUM GROUP flies on the helicopter, looking for potential sites for its objects, exploring new opportunities. Such an initiative is not only a pleasant pastime, but also an incentive in making a decision to purchase housing.


The members of the ANDRUM GROUP team are convinced that you need to work as if you work for yourself: to aim for a result of 120 percent, that exceeds expectations and opportunities – this is the goal of the Lithuanian car slalom champion, winner of many rallies, racer Arūnas Černius, who rides on the rally route with the ANDRUM flag.