Now the core of the company is made up of over 30 highly skilled professionals, the decisions of the company’s business are taken by the board composed of specialists representing different areas – heads of departments. Large works and challenges require more force, therefore, such a union dramatically speeds up optimal decision-making. The synthesis of various competences creates unexpected, courageous and innovative solutions that become the guarantee of long-term success.

Sales & property management


The specialist having 23 years of top level manager experience in real estate sales has been the member of the team since 2016. From 2018 Acting Chairman of the Board. The main tasks of the activity are real estate market analysis, development of project pricing concepts and coordination, achievement of financial goals. His analytical, strategic thinking, task delegation and planning skills ensure the successful development of the company’s sales strategy focused on the development of the construction market.

“The main advantage of our group is the team work of professionals of their fields, all RE projects with which we work would be not just RE projects, but also the Houses where we would like to live by ourselves!”

Construction Business Law


The 10 years of experience in the field of construction law is professionally used by the specialist in solving company’s legal issues regulating business and public relations related to construction processes. Skills and knowledge help to provide clear legal strategies, represent the company in concluding contracts, negotiating, or in litigation with contractors. Work experience in the Department of Cultural Heritage provided the competence to develop legal issues related to the construction of special objects.

“We create a socially responsible and fair business environment in which responsibility, professionalism and honesty are the basis for decision-making.”

Finance and Analysis


The Head of the Finance and Analysis Department joined the team in 2016. Nearly 10 years of experience in RE project finance coordination and multi-purpose RE projects help to plan and manage financial flows responsibly, to formulate and pursue goals that ensure the company’s success and profitability.

„We have a proven strategy and well-defined success criteria, so the planned processes and tools used in the company yield maximum results.“

Marketing and Communication


The specialist’s abilities to organize and ensure successful external and internal communication and marketing strategies are based on 20 years of work experience in various communication channels.
The accumulated knowledge potential and personal characteristics encourage the generation and implementation of innovative, economically sound ideas.

“Effective communication increases the value of a company. All businesses and activities begin only with the public permission and exist with its support.”