Ambition to start, passion to continue, courage to finish to the end!

ANDRUM Group is an international group of experienced real estate development, project management and construction companies that successfully develops residential and commercial building projects.

ANDRUM Group, which started its activities in 2006, was created by ambitious goals and pursuit of professional self-expression. Professionals of different professions who have many years of experience in the construction and real estate market have decided to join forces. They are connected by aspiration to develop large projects and use knowledge in the team which aims at the creation and realization of high-quality and reliable NT projects.

Construction specialists, managers, lawyers, economists, business and marketing analysts and small specialized companies, after attracting foreign investors, have merged under ANDRUM flag.

Now the core of the company is made up of over 30 highly skilled professionals, the decisions of the company’s business are taken by the board composed of specialists representing different areas – heads of departments. Large works and challenges require more force, therefore, such a union dramatically speeds up optimal decision-making. The synthesis of various competences creates unexpected, courageous and innovative solutions that become the guarantee of long-term success.

Directions of the group’s activities

Real estate project development

Real estate development analysis, project preparation, strategies of ensuring financing, marketing strategy development, sales organization.

Construction project management

Management of construction projects from preparation of project solutions to ensuring construction organization and management.

Construction works

General contractor works, construction works, finishing, engineering systems and environmental management works.

Maintenance and expert research

Organization and execution of building and construction maintenance works, construction defects assessment, expert research.